I’ve never NOT wanted to come to work. Thank goodness I’m kinda done with stock because I was “this” close to asking them to move me. I can do the work, but we shouldnt be treated this way. I wouldnt have said anything, but I’m not the only one feeling this way.

I just have to get through this week and monday. Then I’m done.


I didn’t expect it to be this bad. I miss home so friggin much. Like… To a point of crying… Several times. They say, “but it’s hawaii!” And yes… It’s BEAUTIFUL. But it just isn’t the same with out my loves. It’s different being here alone. Paradise just isn’t paradise without the people you love. Idk.

Ashley says, “we’re never alone”. I wish she could’ve expounded on that a bit more.. I woulda asked, but I felt like she woulda thought I was dumb for asking. She wouldn’t have.. But still.

That encounter is the only sense of home I’ve felt since I’ve been here.

Ugh my eyes keep watering.

Where can I get some heeeerbs?! My back has been killing me. And I don’t wanna take my ibprofin. =\

Anyway… Even tho no one will read this… I miss you, my loves.